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Hi. Welcome to my site; my name is Karen. I'm an avid scrap-booker, card-maker, and paper-crafter. I have been scrapbooking for about 12 years and I am just as excited now as when I first started. Scrapbooking is the instrument I use to record some of the greatest and most special moments of my family’s life. I love buying patterned paper, ribbon and embellishments, taking pictures of my son, teaching scrapbooking and hosting workshops. This hobby continues to be an obsession for me and it continues to challenge me to be a better scrapper. I love the escape that scrapbooking affords me and the fun it has brought into my world. I have one child, a son; he's 15 years old and he is my favorite scrapbook subject. I hope that you enjoyed my site and will visit again soon.

January 30, 2009

2S4Y Challenge #19

Well, I'm 4 for 4. I am meeting my goal this year, participating in the 2S4Y challenge each week. The sketch for this week was absolutely fabulous, here's what it looked like:

Here's my interpretation of the sketch:

Feeling Relieved Birthday Card

I am finally back to doing what I love and being able to do it as often as I like. I took a break for a while to do some much needed studying for a class, but that's behind me now and I am ready to make-up hours of lost scrapbooking and cardmaking time. Here's my first one. I assure you, there will be more to follow.
Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.

January 19, 2009

Very Feminie Birthday - 2S4Y Sketch #18

I took some time today to play along with 2S4Y. Here is my take on Kazan's sketch #18. The sketch was fantastic and I enjoyed playing along.

Birthday Card Fever

This studying is really giving me card-making fever. I took a break today and made another birthday card. This is paper from my paper stash, so I'm doing really well with my quest not to buy patterned paper. Don't know how long I will be able to keep it up, but I'm working on it.
Thanks for stopping by; hope you'll visit again soon.

January 17, 2009

Taking A Reprieve

Tonight I decided to take a reprieve from studying to make some cards. I felt like I was feeding an addiction, because I had been looking at all of my toys, but knew I needed to study. Well, there will be time to study tomorrow and I'll feel better about it because I've had such a great time tonight.
I hope you enjoy my creations.

Birthday Flowers - 2S4Y Laura's Sketch #17

Here's a birthday card I made based on the 2S4Y sketch for this week, from Laura. I needed to make some birthday cards, so it was fun combining the sketch and my to-do list.

I used my Cricut and Cuttlebug and of course, I couldn't resist using ribbon and bling.


January 03, 2009

Missing U

I made this card for my twin brother who's over in Iraq and I am missing him very much. He wasn't able to come home for Christmas, so I thought I'd send him a card.

I am getting the year off to a great start, with my 2nd card challenge. This is for the 2S4Y Bonus Sketch. I had so much fun with this card and I think my brother will really enjoy it. I used some paper that I already had, since one of my goals for the new year is to stop buying patterned paper and stock-piling it.

Here is the 2S4Y Bonus Sketch by Katie Anderson:

January 02, 2009

Happy 2009 - (2S4Y) Sketch #16

I enjoy visiting the 2S4Y site every Monday, to view the latest challenge. So, I thought I'd start the year off by participating in one of them; something I had on my to-do list for last year, but 2008 has come and gone.


Fashion Blog Award - thank you

My girlfriend, Velma, sent me "A Fabulous Blog Award"; oooh, I love it. It was like getting a present, and I love presents. I also love looking at Velma's creations on her blog site, take a look: http://www.n2scrapn4fun.blogspot.com/ The rules for this award are simple… I have to list 5 addictions and name 5 more Fabulous Blogs... Here they are.

I am addictied to:

  1. Scrapbooking, which also includes card making and paper crafting.
  2. Buying patterned paper. I have tried kicking this habit, but I think I need a 12-step program. Does someone make a patch for this? I fall off the wagon each time I walk into my LSS.
  3. Buying Ribbon; oh my gosh, I would be embarrassed for anyone to know how many spools of ribbon I have. Lots of spools have never been used, but you know, I may need it one night at midnight, so better to buy it just in case.
  4. Hanging out with my son and sneaking in some great pictures, when he's not looking.
  5. Reading a good book or my Cards magazine from Northridge Media. I am like a kid at Christmas each month, when I go to the mailbox and find that I have a new magazine.

Five blogs that I enjoy looking at are:

  1. http://herebygrace.typepad.com/here_by_grace
  2. http://hallmarkladybugs.blogspot.com/
  3. http://teriberi2.blogspot.com/
  4. http://anabelleom.blogspot.com/
  5. http://kreatewithme2.blogspot.com/