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Hi. Welcome to my site; my name is Karen. I'm an avid scrap-booker, card-maker, and paper-crafter. I have been scrapbooking for about 12 years and I am just as excited now as when I first started. Scrapbooking is the instrument I use to record some of the greatest and most special moments of my family’s life. I love buying patterned paper, ribbon and embellishments, taking pictures of my son, teaching scrapbooking and hosting workshops. This hobby continues to be an obsession for me and it continues to challenge me to be a better scrapper. I love the escape that scrapbooking affords me and the fun it has brought into my world. I have one child, a son; he's 15 years old and he is my favorite scrapbook subject. I hope that you enjoyed my site and will visit again soon.

July 24, 2009


I was on vacation last week, in Cancun, with my whole family; yes that includes my mom and dad. It was easy getting dad to go, but my mother; well, that took some convincing. We had an absolutely wonderful time.
I'm looking so forward to working on the layouts from trip; I took lots of great pictures and managed to be included in a few of the pictures.
99% of the time, I'm a real "girly girl", but for the 1% when I want to get out and dirty and sweaty, here's what I enjoy doing with my son:

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